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Officially Certified, ITIL v4 Service Management

I'm excited to announce that I just passed my Certification Exam making me a ITIL v4 Foundation certified professional.

What is ITIL? You can see more about ITIL v4 in the video below but to summarize the system, ITIL provides a set of guiding principles and best practices for organizational service management and value creation.

I signed up for the ITIL v4 course to enhance my project management, service management, and implementation abilities. After taking the course, my main takeaways come from the guiding principles. I especially like Focus on value, Think and work holistically, and Keep it simple and practical. Having worked in a variety of agile and non-agile environments, I especially appreciate that the guiding principles are intentionally descriptive and not prescriptive thereby allowing adoption and adjustment for diverse organizations' needs.

I am excited to utilize these skills and best practices in future roles!

Special shout outs to the University of Cincinnati Professional and Continuing Education program and the IMAP program for the course offering and funding.

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